A World of Summertime Fun At Work Possibilities

Powerful Play Experiences  believes that there should never be a shortage of summertime fun at work!! 

In fact, summertime fun at work comes in all shapes and sizes. We call this summertime fun at work “Happenings”- amazingly awesome special activities, small events, indoor/outdoor games – that totally re-energize and rejuvenate anyone and everyone in your workplace, create memorable experiences, and, without a doubt, strengthen friendships at work.

We know that employees tend to take their vacations in the summertime and that workplaces are busy coordinating all this staff time off. But we also know that Edmonton summers are the best time of year to get out and play, re-charge and have fun with anyone or anybody who’s still busy at work, no matter what their vacation schedule is during the upcoming summer months.

So, what summertime fun is “Happening” at your workplace?

And have you contacted Robert at Powerful Play Experiences to make all your “Happenings” happen?

Now, go ahead. Make it “Happen!” Have fun with our Best List of Summertime Fun At Work Possibilities:

  • Are your employees doing great work?  Schedule “Take 5… Staff Celebration Breaks” throughout the workday.  On the spot “Excellent” Work” awards and personal cheers are all part of the package.
  • No staff meeting is complete without a “Fun Frenzy” agenda item to spruce up what often is described by employees as just another same old, same old staff meeting.  Lighten up!!
  • Say “No” to yet another Boot Camp!!  Say “Yes” to a fun filled afternoon at the park for, you got it, “Staff Summer Camp.”  Permission to be a kid included.
  • “Take Work Outdoors.”  No denying it.  We better take full advantage of the terrific summer weather once the buckets of rain go away.  Bringing wellness into the workplace starts with taking work outdoors.
  • “Not Just Another Staff Picnic.”  This time around, you extend a powerful invitation to your loyal clients and customers and let them bask in the sunshine (or get set to get wet in the rain again) with your heartfelt appreciation.
  • Some people are just thankful for the availability of staff parking.  Most others just can’t get enough of “Team Togetherness Tuesdays @ Twelve Noon.”  Re-charge and Rejuvenate is the only order of business, every Tuesday, starting now, and ending never. Do something fun!
  • Celebrate the arrival of yet another piece of “Business Technology” at your office.  Incorporate a pot-luck breakfast and free dry-cleaning vouchers for all who attend.  And more!!
  • “Group Hug!!” Plan a summertime fun activity for just 15 minutes every Monday morning to welcome everyone back to the grind, post weekend. This is about putting much needed sunshine into the start of everyone’s Monday morning blues.
  • Does your workplace have a Social Club or Social Committee?  Powerful Play Experiences will act in the capacity of your On-Site Funsultant to shake things up with over the moon ideas.
  • And finally, add your summertime fun “Happening” here________________________ then contact Powerful Play Experiences. We’re sure to make it “Happen.”

About The Writer

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP (Certified Career Development Professional), Leading Fun At Work & Team Engagement Expert, & Mental Health Champion is the Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams.

As Robert heads into his 13th year of delivering Powerful Play Experiences Workshops, he continues to challenge Leaders at all levels in today’s always busy, always stressful world of work.

“A message to today’s Leaders. Never, ever, never doubt the impact of Fun At Work, building a culture of Team Engagement & Happy Teams. It’s the #1 Strategy to shift everyone’s mindset and their energy to a much better place and a much healthier place with their mental health at work.”

“Be proactive and be mindful to the Value of Fun At Work as a strategy for positive workplace mental health. Lead from a position of courage to do things a bit differently. Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know as you raise fun levels each day and every day.

Consistently demonstrate your vigorous commitment to building a workplace culture that permeates Highly Engaged & Happy Teams! Appreciate all of the positive changes that will take place at your workplace but with an authenticity and kindness that declares to everyone, “You Matter!”

THIS is Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams!”

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