“You cannot be out there on your own and expect to sustain your emotions and your business momentum without having the support of others around you.”

Robert Manolson

“There’s no better time than now, to take a moment or two to see what was actually going on. – November 30th, 2016!”

Robert and Carl discuss how they build and sustain lasting connections.

Robert stresses the importance of making long-standing connections with others. It is a requirement to sustain those connections through friendship, and the sharing of business ideas.

Since Powerful Play Experiences opening, Robert has seen his share of setbacks, business-wise and personally, but is quick to concentrate on the successes. In Robert’s opinion, his greatest success is that he is still in business ten years later. He’s right that this is a great success, as only 50% of businesses make it to the five year mark.

Read more here from Robert and Carl on how they build lasting connections.

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