Defining A Mental Health Champion

“Defining a mental health champion: We face adversity. We find ways to deal with it. We use the support we have around us. We speak our truth when things don’t go well. We function in environments where disappointments can be inevitable. We move on. We validate our feelings. We look for ways to maintain our daily personal wellness. And yes, we are great!

Brandy Payne

I very recently had an amazing conversation with Brandy Payne. We first connected on LinkedIn. But when we did, I knew in my heart that there would be much greater value connecting with Brandy if we planned a phone conversation together. I was not disappointed! Brandy is truly a Mental Health Champion. And because of this, it’s with great honor that we post her article right here!! Be sure to check out everything that her page has to offer.

Mental Health During Stressful Times – Brandy Payne

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP
Certified Career Development Professional
Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health… For Teams

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