When I was first introduced  to Susanne Heaton, Owner of Motivated by Nature, it was without a doubt her smile, her confidence and her warm and engaging personality that immediately caught my attention.

But in that particular moment, when Susanne began telling me all about Motivated by Nature, I immediately knew that I was in the company of a most unique and successful woman in business. And her business name? Motivated by Nature? Now THAT caught my full attention. Motivated by Nature. Hmm. Motivated by Nature. Just say the words to yourself… 2 or 3 times. Please tell me that this leaves you a little bit curious as what is Motivated by Nature and what does this all have to do with being a successful woman in business.

“Thank you Susanne for stepping up and giving me permission to share this article that you recently posted in your June Newsletter. It’s an honor for me to do so. “

My June Calendar simply says: I Am Grateful!

Sometimes in the busyness of our lives, we do not take the time to express gratitude, yet it is such an easy thing to do, and it can also create some very powerful results.  We can also express gratitude for things that have not yet happened, to signal to the universe what we want to manifest in our lives.  

Right now, forest fires are raging and we are experiencing heavy smoke here in Calgary.  It makes me realize how grateful I am for our air when it is clean and easy to breathe.  I am grateful to all the trees that are working overtime to help clear the air.  I am also grateful to the rain that will help to extinguish these fires. Would you be willing to express these same gratitudes to see what happens?  Group thought is powerful, so here is to ramping up the gratitude and bringing on the rain showers!

I was recently sent some information on Osteoporosis that I am incredibly grateful for receiving.  The book is called Your Bones.  The evidence based research contained in it CLEARLY shows that you can have healthy, happy bones through natural supplement protocols.  I firmly believe that this book should be read by every woman when turning 40 years old, since 1 in 4 women will be impacted by this devastating disease.  I am currently dealing with my mother who has osteoporosis and has unfortunately suffered some of the nasty side effects identified from taking pharmaceuticals designed to treat osteoporosis.  I am now armed with information to take to her doctor that will help her condition.  I have written a 2 page summary on the first 2 chapters from this book.  You can find the summary here: https://motivatedbynature.com/osteoporosis/  I would be grateful to you if you could share this blog with as many women as you know in your life to help prevent this disease from occurring in the first place.  

June 16 has each of us expressing gratitude to all the father figures in our life, whether on this earth planet or beyond.  I am so grateful to my late father for instilling my love for the environment as well as the importance of helping others out, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.  

I am also grateful for twisting my knee…as crazy as that sounds!  I have finally been led to a new modality to me called Shockwave Therapy. Although painful, it seems to be addressing the root of the problem, which was an old injury from my competitive curling years.  Due to the fact that I am still recouping and summer holidays are right around the corner, the Wild About Nature Challenge will start up again in September. 

Here is to you expressing gratitude for all of the gifts in your life.  May you remember to include yourself in that list and Mother Nature who has so much to share if we are just willing to slow down, look and listen.  

Sending you loads of sunshine, faery fun and magic!

Susanne Heaton

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