Is There A Difference Between Doing Your Job and Doing Your Work?

I’m quite confident that you will enjoy reading the perspectives of Merge Gupta-Sunderji as posted in her January blog post titled, “Doing Your Job or Doing Your Work.”

Doing Your Job or Doing Your Work?

Are you doing your job or are you doing your work?  Job and work.  Is there a difference? Absolutely.

A restaurant owner’s job is to produce great food.  But the best restaurants are the ones that also focus on giving their patrons an enjoyable dining experience.  That’s the owner’s work.

The front-desk receptionist’s primary responsibility may be to answer the phone pleasantly.  That’s his job.  But he also needs to think critically to solve problems, and adapt to shifting priorities.  That’s his work.

What about a doctor?  Sure, her job is to diagnose and cure diseases.  But the best doctors are the ones who ask questions, listen to the answers, and take the time to invest emotionally in their patients.  That’s her work.

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Having known Merge for many years now, I truly cannot say enough great things about her both as a person and a professional in her field of expertise.

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