If there’s one thing you can count on, it is that your life will change and keep changing. 

If there’s one thing you can count on during the many changes that you will experience, it’s definitely YOU!!  When was the last time you set aside time for a meeting with yourself and truly acknowledged the awesomeness that is YOU…THE CREATIVE YOU!!

Have you ever thought about how you engage life?  How you engage all facets of your life?  Whether it’s the people you connect with, family members, friends, acquaintances or what you enjoy doing in your life, your interests.  And what about your abilities, your skills and the values you hold dear to you, day in and day out.  Have you ever really thought about how you engage life as YOU?  THE CREATIVE YOU??

Think of THE CREATIVE YOU as your best friend, your ally, someone there helping you to be the best that you can be while reaching your full potential.  Recognizing, exploring and encouraging THE CREATIVE YOU is a life long journey.  The process of navigating through life can be a challenge but it’s much more fun and much more purposeful when you give full attention and energy to THE CREATIVE YOU!! 

So, how are you coming along on giving full attention and energy to THE CREATIVE YOU?

Are you making it happen each day and every day?  Are you so confident and so sure of who you are, THE CREATIVE YOU, that every day when you get out of bed you seek out life experiences that honour YOU, THE CREATIVE YOU?

Isn’t it all about a particular road map for life success?  YOUR particular road map for life success?  Follow your heart.  Focus on the journey.  THE CREATIVE YOU is in very good company, yes indeed!!  This is the voice of experience speaking.  I too, am creative!!  I give full attention and energy to THE CREATIVE ME!!  Life is much more fun and much more purposeful that way. 

Have I challenged your thinking yet?  Are you actually re-thinking your thinking and re-doing your doing?  This is the most important step in Just Being You. THE CREATIVE YOU!!

Now, go ahead.  Make it happen.  After all, isn’t it really all about a smile on your face at the start of your day and the end of your day??

About The Writer

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP (Certified Career Development Professional), Leading Fun At Work & Team Engagement Expert, & Mental Health Champion is the Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams.

As Robert heads into his 13th year of delivering Powerful Play Experiences Workshops, he continues to challenge Leaders at all levels in today’s always busy, always stressful world of work.

“Never, ever, never doubt the impact of Fun At Work and Building a Culture of Highly Engaged & Happy Teams
It’s the #1 Strategy to shift everyone’s mindset and shift their energy to a much better place and a much healthier place of Mental Health…At Work!”

Be proactive and be mindful to the value of Fun At Work as a strategy for positive workplace mental health. Lead from a position of courage to do things a bit differently. Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know as you raise fun levels each day and every day.

Consistently demonstrate your vigorous commitment to building a workplace culture that permeates Highly Engaged & Happy Teams! Appreciate all of the positive changes that will take place at your workplace but with an authenticity and kindness that declares to everyone, “You Matter!”

THIS is Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams!”

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