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When it comes to workplace strategies for mental health, it’s imperative that employers and leaders not just focus their attention on any workplace strategies for mental health, but strategies and plans that ultimately result in plenty of positive mental health…at work!

Are employers and leaders in today’s every busy, always stressful world of work living up to this? And if not, why are they failing?


Coming into COVID, mental health as a workplace issue was a distant, far away problem that people simply did not talk about. Coming out of COVID, silence and in-action in today’s world of work is absolutely unacceptable.


Now is the right time to treat mental health as a function of work. It’s about thinking of ourselves and our mental health at work in a completely new and different way. In fact, a mentally healthy workforce drives your business success. And mentally healthy businesses drive our economy. It’s just that simple.


As a Positive Mental Health Champion & Leading Facilitator of Play-Based Team Building Experiences, Robert challenges all of us to take responsibility for positive mental health at work. New stressors, pressures, and responsibilities are faced every day.


When confronted by these challenges, this impacts both the mental and physical energy that people need to not only do their work but also to live their lives outside of work.

Robert’s message is clear:
  • Live The Belief that positive mental health at work must be embedded in the way people interact with one another on a daily basis.
  • Prioritize Leadership Commitment to a culture of mental wellness by demonstrating and supporting people’s mental well-being at work.  
  • Take Action. But take action on workplace strategies for more positive mental health through Smart Decision Making. And Smart Decision Making that requires a well executed and clearly laid out plan. 
Most of the time, a clearly laid out plan is something that’s often overlooked.

And when it is overlooked, recent research indicates that in the absence of a well executed and clearly laid out plan in the workplace, our ability to manage and cope with our daily mental health challenges is significantly impacted:

  • When I’m not in a good place with my daily mental health, my ability to fully and completely be present and ENGAGE with my work is held back.
  • When I’m not in a good place with my daily mental health, my ability to PERFORM and deliver OUTCOMES falls far below what I’m capable of doing. 
  • When I’m not in a good place with my daily mental health, I rarely want to CONNECT with people. Often, I just want to go back to bed and not even talk to anyone. 



At the end of the day, executing a clearly laid out plan ensures that everyone feels better about themselves, feels better about their work, and feels better about their relationships with co-workers.



About the Author

For over 16 years now, Robert has travelled throughout Alberta facilitating the most amazing team development workshop experiences with amazing levels of fun, energy, and plenty of happy & joy. No sit and listen, stand and deliver power point presentations here! In Person & Online!

Robert’s message is simple. “Business Leaders! Step Up! Embrace the value of Fun At Work & Building A Culture Of Highly Engaged And Happy Teams! It’s the #1 strategy to raise positive mental health levels, Home l Office l Remote. Let’s be real here! No one person is immune to the daily mental health challenges that we all are facing. We all need to prioritize our daily mental health both in work and in life.”

As an avid Mental Health Champion and a Canadian Mental Health Association ( CMHA ) Certified Psychological Health and Safety Advisor, Robert is quite comfortable sharing his personal story of living with and managing depression and anxiety. His goal? To be a role model for men everywhere who need to get comfortable with talking about their daily mental health and choose to be authentic, brave & vulnerable.

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