Mental Health At Work Meets Fun At Work Chapter 2

With today’s heightened pressure for employees to work longer hours, produce more for their organization, and in many situations with less resources, this constant stress take it’s toll on our mental health and often results in wear and tear on our mental & emotional capacity to cope.

Recent surveys of participants in Powerful Play Experiences workshops confirms that when Mental Health At Work Meets Fun At Work, the benefits immediately following the workshop, as well as the hours after the workshop are impactful.

The participants reported the following impact when Mental Health At Work Meets Fun At Work:

* Set the tone to feel positive, be happy and ready to take on the day

* Improved attentiveness and readiness for the day’s activities (memory, stamina)

* Raised levels of energy

* Heightened concentration and alertness

* Increased levels of laughter back at the workplace

* Strengthened relationships with co-workers

* Alleviated stress levels

* Stretched and challenged everyone’s creative thinking


* Everyone Comes Together & EXPERIENCES Fresh Thinking, Fresh Ideas. No Sitting, Listening & Taking Notes Here!

* Kickstart Creative Perspectives. Stretch Your Imagination Through Learning By Doing In A Fun Environment!

* Re-Set Happy Relationships With Co-Workers Through Engaging, Cooperative Play!


* Feel Energized, Feel Rejuvenated & Optimistic As You Rid Yourself Of Workplace Stress!

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