Everything Starts With A Conversation

Positive mental health matters. Be someone who “Gets It”! Be someone who starts the conversation.
Be someone who is authentic and real, and who wants to contribute to something bigger than yourself by helping people get comfortable and talk about their many mental health challenges…daily.

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The Science of Laughter

The Science of Laughter: Our Bodies. Our Minds. Our Soul. LAUGHTER HAS PHYSIOLOGICAL BENEFITS because it alters the body’s chemistry, raising hormones associated with happiness and lowering stress hormones. When laughter is abundant in a room, we all feel the shift to positive energy.

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Why Powerful Play Experiences?

Plenty of Happy, Smiles, Laughter & Kindness All Around! #beccatoldmeto Engage The Mind & Be Mindful Through Interactive Learning Experiences! More Connecting! More Re-Freshed Relationships

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