The Making of Powerful Play Experiences

During my three years of college education at Dawson College in Montreal, I studied Community Recreation Leadership Training (CRLT).  At that time, I stumbled across a most unique idea that was  just beginning to make it’s mark in the field of recreation – Cooperative Play!!  Cooperative Play was about inclusion, not exclusion – permission to play your way.  At that time, Cooperative Play was best known as Community Building.  Today it is called Team Building.  But, the premise is still the same today as it was then.  People rekindle their spirit of play through cooperative games that are free-flowing, high energy, social and engaging.  No skill is required.  It’s all about the fun!!

As I pursued my university education for another two and a half years at Concordia University in Montreal and added a BA Degree with a Specialization in Recreation & Leisure Studies to my life experiences, I continued developing my leadership skills in the area of Cooperative Play.

Spring forward to today.  I wasn’t destined to become an Entrepreneur so I quickly had to turn myself into one if I was planning to launch Powerful Play Experiences as a business.  At that particular time, I was employed in the field of career & employment training, helping Albertans to find the work they love.  I was a workshop facilitator, delivering workshops on career planning, work search strategies, and finding the right post-secondary education.  I eventually took some time off to contemplate my next move.  I wanted to do something that was fun, inspiring, and driven by creativity.  I decided to start my own business, Powerful Play Experiences based on something that inspired me many, many years earlier – Cooperative Play.

With the amazing support from the Edmonton Chapter of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers (CAPS), I launched my business with the intention of helping individuals and teams create positive change while having fun doing it.  Very quickly, I became the “Play Guy”, facilitating workshops based on Cooperative Play.  Two years later, I then became the “Fun at Work Guy”, inspiring workplace teams to have more fun at work.  Now, fully engaged with my business, fun at work continues to inspire all who play with me but my business has evolved.  People all across Alberta recognize me as the “Team Building Guy” and of course, a Mental Health Champion!”

I’m all about the fun!  I’m all about becoming the most positive and enthusiastic person I know!

And I’m all about Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams!

About the Author

Robert Manolson, BA, CCDP
Certified Career Development Professional
Creator & Facilitator of Powerful Play Experiences, Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams
Leading Fun At Work & Team Engagement Expert
Mental Health Champion
Starting Conversations When Others Won’t


As Robert heads into his 13th year of delivering Powerful Play Experiences Workshops, he continues to challenge Leaders at all levels in today’s always busy, always stressful world of work.


Never, ever, never doubt the impact of Fun At Work and Building a Culture of Highly Engaged & Happy Teams.

It’s the #1 Strategy to shift everyone’s mindset and shift their energy to a much better place and a much healthier place of Mental Health…At Work!

Be proactive and be mindful to the value of Fun At Work as a strategy for positive workplace mental health. Lead from a position of courage to do things a bit differently. Be the most positive and enthusiastic person you know as you raise fun levels each day and every day.

Consistently demonstrate your vigorous commitment to building a workplace culture that permeates Highly Engaged & Happy Teams! Appreciate all of the positive changes that will take place at your workplace but with an authenticity and kindness that declares to everyone, “You Matter!”

THIS is Positive Workplace Mental Health…For Teams!”

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