This Is What You Can Expect From Powerful Play Experiences

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This Is What You Can Expect From Powerful Play Experiences

  • It all begins with articulating the outcome the client wants from their workshop – their “take-away.” I then build a powerful play experience around that “take away.” Yet you never truly know exactly how the experience will play out. It takes a leap of faith from the client to accept that uncertainty but I assure them that at the end of the workshop it’s really all about a smile on everyone’s faces and that their outcome will be achieved.
  • People will be invited to participate in a comfortable, choose their own level of engagement manner that will no doubt be very reassuring to all with an emphasis on interacting and engaging, creating powerful energy and continuously inviting fun and laughter into the experience.
  • Expect a well-orchestrated, free-flowing sequence of creative and cooperative group experiences that emphasizes everyone’s participation, shared leadership and individual creativity.
  • Everyone will experience great variety with no opportunity to get bored. Much work and preparation will be given to this all important aspect to the experience, with the addition of numerous “nice touches” to foster inclusion. Smiles and laughter will be abundant, thus encouraging all to take part in the experience and enjoy a fun and interactive day together.
  • Everyone comes together and puts the subject matter on the table. They play with it, get comfortable with it and generate new ideas and team solutions. Everyone walks away with a high “stickability” factor – they remember and apply what they learned – they had fun and they own the results.


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