September 2016 Marked The 10th Anniversary For My Business, Powerful Play Experiences. What Has Over10 Years Of Powerful Play Experiences Taught Us About Today’s World of Work?

My Top 10 List:

#10. Women seem to be much more open to scheduling meaningful staff special events than men. 99.9% of inquiries that I receive are from women in today’s world of work.

#9. A large segment of today’s world of work continuously believes that FUN AT WORK/TEAM BUILDING is a time slot at a particular staff event that requires just 1-3 hours per year, rather than a full out, ongoing, everyday commitment to WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH.

#8. The Not For Profit Sector embraces the value of FUN AT WORK/TEAM BUILDING and a scheduled time out for POSITIVE WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH significantly more than the Business Sector.

#7. Decision Makers and their Staff have completely different viewpoints as to what IS Employee Satisfaction in today’s world of work.

#6. Decision Makers and their Staff have completely different viewpoints as to the value of FUN AT WORK/TEAM BUILDING and a scheduled time out for POSITIVE WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH in today’s world of work.

#5. The Aboriginal community loves Powerful Play Experiences and has, without a doubt, booked the most workshops over the past 10 years.

#4. “Work to be done” will always be the priority when up against “The Needs of People First.”

#3. Creating a Culture Around RELATIONSHIP BUILDING BEST PRACITICES seems to be the least written about in terms of research and it’s impact on SUCCESSFUL TEAMS.

#2. Workshop Experiences are not about sitting and listening to presenters with power point presentations. A Workshop Experience invites people to participate in a comfortable, choose their own level of engagement manner that will no doubt be reassuring to all, with an emphasis on interacting, creating powerful energy, and impacting POSITIVE WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH.

#1. The World of Work still has a lot of catching up to do in terms of incorporating FUN AT WORK/TEAM BUILDING into their WORKPLACE MENTAL HEALTH Best Practices, not just their HR Best Practices. And of course, to actually commit to long term strategies FOR THE BENEFIT OF EVERYONE.

“It’s been a great ride over the past 10+ years and I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world. I’ve met and have formed great relationships with great people and for this, I am extremely grateful.” – Robert Manolson, CCDP ( Certified Career Development Professional ) Team Engagement Expert & Mental Health Champion

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