“Very few people have an incredible intuitive feel for people’s needs that Robert masterfully brings to all of his interactions. What you get from Robert is a one-of-a-kind skill to hone in on what individuals and teams need in the moment, while reframing that need from a totally fresh perspective. But you also get the golden skill to build substance on the fly as he continuously adapts and moves to the pace of the group. So don’t expect a templated program in any of Robert’s workshop experiences.

Robert will celebrate everyone on your team and highlight the strengths that he intuitively reads of both people and their situations. He also deals with detractors in a playful way. You won’t regret hiring this master of creating a safe space to talk about positive mental health. Your team requires the creative genius and the art of being completely agile that Robert consistently delivers based on your particular needs.”

Tanya Hewitt

Founder & CEO

Beyond Safety Compliance


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